About Kinesiology


Welcome to BeBalanced where the holistic method of Kinesiology is used to improve and maintain your overall health and wellness.


Kinesiology can help with many different conditions including stress, anxiety, allergies, fatigue, mental and physical performance and relationships.


We all know when we’re feeling a little “off balance” due to life’s challenges, diet or injury.  Kinesiology can help restore your balance, bringing you closer to creating the life of your choice.


Kinesiology is a non-invasive natural therapy using muscle testing to assist in identifying the cause of the problem and the best way for a return to optimum health and wellbeing.


We have worked with both corporate and individual clients to help them achieve goals, overcome health problems and maintain a balanced life.


Be happy.   Be calm.   Be focused.   Be healthy.   Be positive.  Be energized. 


BeBalanced - and be the person you can be.




Kinesiology is renowned for being able to uncover and deal with the underlying causes of health problems that are difficult to find by any other means.


Kinesiology can assist in a wide range of conditions including;

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Fear

  • Phobias

  • Relationships

  • Nutrition

  • Food intolerances and sensitivities

  • Fatigue

  • Goal Setting

  • Motivation

  • Physical Performance

  • Mental Performance

  • Learning Problems

  • Dyslexia


Kinesiology is not limited to dealing with ailments.  Balancing brings a person closer to achieving any goal of their choice - in sport, relationships, learning or coping with life generally.


BeBalanced sessions are done fully clothed, in a sitting, standing or lying position to ensure comfort at all times. 

A typical session is one hour.


About Me

Melita Lawn, Registered Kinesiologist


Qualifications & Memberships

Senior Consultant, Registered Kinesiologist NZRK

International Diploma in Kinesiology ICPKP

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner

Melita is a Registered Kinesiologist, holding an International Diploma in Kinesiology involving 4 years  (3800 hours) of study.   Melita is also a qualified NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and uses these techniques to support her Kinesiology sessions.


Having a professional background in the corporate world including careers in Sales and Marketing, Human Resources and Training, Melita understands the stresses that are placed on our working lives. Her training in Kinesiology gives her an in depth knowledge to what triggers these stresses in individuals and how to remedy them.  After spending 25 years helping companies get the best out of their people Melita felt what was really needed was helping people to get the best out of themselves.


“The first time I experienced kinesiology I was amazed by how quickly it identified the underlying reasons behind my problems and physical pain.  Once identified it was dealt with just as quickly and effortlessly.   It was also a painless process that helped me shift from old patterns and resolved 4 years of painful back problems.  I believe the most valuable aspect of kinesiology is helping people recognise the cause of their problems and how they can help themselves, so they are better equipped to deal with challenges as they happen”.



Seeing Melita these past 18 months has helped me gain huge shifts in self belief.  She got to the heart of the matter, where I am now the master of my own willpower. Melita had me recognize how self sabotage and low self esteem had kept me stuck in the cycle of emotional eating.  With the help of Kinesiology I have lost 15 kg (and maintained the loss) and no longer pick my skin. When I find myself losing focus and slipping up I book another session to keep myself on track. I highly recommend her services.”


        Tanya, Self Employed Mother, Herne Bay, Auckland


Kinesiology is a bespoke treatment, that’s its beauty.  It’s as unique as we are.  Each session addressed an individual need I had at that particular time.  Everyone is different and everyone has unique needs one week from the next. For instance, Melita gave me clarity around tension with my partner one week and the following week supported my physical wellbeing by releasing pain in my stiff hip flexor joints.”


“I have sampled many alternative therapies in my quest for optimum health and wellbeing, and what sets Kinesiology apart is that it’s tailored specifically for me.  Kinesiology is like couture clothing, one size does not fit all, it delivers exactly what we need at that particular moment in time.”


        Sophie, Business Owner, Westmere, Auckland


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